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Foot core

Updated: Apr 29

Our feet need maintenance. Literally the foundation on which we stand, they give vital stability and sensory information when we stand and move.

Women are more likely than men to have dropped arches and bunions in midlife. Heel pain is also common, and weakness and changes in the arch and other muscles controlling the foot is often a huge contributing factor.

A few quick exercises can help!

Here are 4 favourites

  • Big toe lifts - vital to help us push off in walking and running

  • Arch lifts - keeps arches strong, helps with heel and shin pain

  • Toe scrunches - keeps toes strong

  • Toe wriggles - helps you control foot movement and maintain foot mobility

Tune into how your foot feels during and after these exercises. Doing a little, often is the best approach. See the video for how to do these simple moves.

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