Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions cover engagement of services for assessment, treatment, administrative tasks and events 
1. The cost of  virtual assessment and treatment up to 40 mins, is £42.  This includes associated administrative tasks and correspondence with the client/patient or other health professionals. 

2. The cost of in person face to face assessment and treatment, up to 50 mins, in the patient's home or at an agreed location, is £55. This includes associated administrative tasks and medical correspondence. There is no travel cost within a 3 mile radius of my base in BS9 in Bristol.

3. If the agreed location is further than 3 miles from my base in BS9 in Bristol, my cost for travel is £40 per hour. I do not charge for mileage in addition to this.
4. Administrative tasks such as creating reports, legal notes, bespoke treatment resources, risk assessments and equipment research are charged at £55 per hour. 
This will always be discussed with the client/representative before proceeding.
5. Email/telephone communication will be charged as follows:
30-45 minutes - £42, 45-60 minutes - £55

6. Invoice will be sent on completion of each assessment and treatment.  Payment terms: Payment must be made within 7 days from date of invoice. An admin fee of £20 will be charged per week, or part thereof, that payments are overdue. In the event of non-payment, therapy will cease until outstanding funds are received.
7. The patient/client/representative agrees to communicate contact details, relevant medical information
and past history that will allow me to complete a thorough assessment and plan appropriate interventions. Consent to contact other medical professionals will be discussed at the initial assessment and documented in the file.
8. It will be assumed that the patient/client has been deemed to have the capacity to consent to the initial assessment. If the client is unable to provide informed consent, I will assume that any assessment has been considered by the client’s representative to be in the client’s best interest. This will be duly documented.
9. The patient/client and/or their representative may disengage from this agreement at any time without giving reason and without a notice period. An invoice will be prepared for any outstanding fees.

10. I may disengage from this contract at any time and the reasons will be given to all parties concerned. 
11. If an agreed appointment is cancelled within 24 hours by the patient/client or their representative, I will charge one hour of therapy time plus the agreed travel cost. Likewise these costs will apply if the client is not available when an agreed appointment is attended.
12. I will endeavour to give 24 hours’ notice should appointments need to be cancelled and will reschedule at the earliest opportunity.
13. Documentation will be kept and stored in compliance with ICO guidelines and the Health Care Professions Council (HCPC) standards of conduct, performance and ethics.
14. Insurance, DBS certificates and professional membership certificates are available on request.
15. I operate a strict confidentiality policy.