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I'm a Chartered Physiotherapist specialising in Sport, Exercise and Women's Health. With 25 + years experience. I'm focused on supporting women in staying pain free, energised and active.  
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About me

Aussie born and British based, I’ve been a Chartered Physiotherapist for over 25 years. I specialise in Sport and Exercise Physiotherapy for women and teenage girls. 

Qualifications, experience, research

After studying for my primary degree in Physiotherapy (University of Queensland, 1995), I worked in the NHS and private sector in Australia and the UK, as well as for local and national sports teams. I completed my Masters in Sport and Exercise Physiotherapy at Cardiff University (2011) and  undertaken research in how to best support women maintain and improve their joint, muscle and wider health.


I led the University of Bristol Sports Medicine Clinic for many years,  working with students, the wider public and elite athletes across numerous sports. This included numerous elite athletes, including Olympic Gold Medal winners, in hockey, athletics, netball and swimming. 

As an active mum of 2, runner, swimmer and tennis player, I understand the demands on your body, focus and time. 

Working with others, Collaborations    

I work closely with Medics, Allied Health Professionals, Coaches, Pilates Instructors, other Specialist Physios and Personal Trainers. I have a professional and personal connection with This Mum Runs (most recently advising on their Run30 App and writing blogs) and the Menopause Charity.

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Registered with

Physio treating  AXA insurance patients Bristo Virtual
Physio treating CIGNA Patients Bristol BS9
Physio treating WPA Patients Virtual Online Bristol

Events and Masterclasses
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Sports Physio Bristol
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Speaking, Podcasts

As well as speaking at my own events, I speak at sporting, corporate and women's events. I have given talks at events as the UK National Running Show and the Great Run Series. I've also presented at health conferences and events for the NHS, Metropolitan Police, Devon and Cornwall Police, University College London, University of Bristol and Enterprise Nation, as well as Legal and  Insurance Companies.

I have recently presented at Talking Menopause Conferences, focusing on Women's musculo-skeletal health at times of hormonal change.   

I have done post graduate academic teaching at University of Bristol and University of the West of England University, GP Education and Physios in Sports Post graduate Applied Anatomy Courses.  

On a local level I have give in person and online talks to running and tennis clubs and Women's Institute groups.

You can listen to me on podcasts such as "hit play, not pause"



If you would like to engage me as a speaker, please contact me. 

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Professional Qualifications: B.Pty (University of Queensland, 1995)

MSc (Cardiff University, 2011).

Member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy Registration No 073174

Registered with the Health Professionals Council Registration No PH51958


Disclosure: All patient information and examples of cases on here are written with full consent of the patient . In some cases names have been changed by request.

Disclaimer: Whilst I am a Chartered Physiotherapist, I do not endorse or promote any specific brand or product in a professional capacity. My opinions on products are my own and are based on my professional and personal experiences. Onine information and blogs do not substitute for clinical diagnosis and management. In the case of health care concerns or persistent pain, consulting a GP or relevant health care professsional is advised.  

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