Virtual appointments 

Virtual appointments are conducted via Zoom and ensure patient safety during the pandemic. They are convenient and effective for assessment, providing a provisional diagnosis, treatment, exercises and advice.  


To make an appointment

Please contact me directly on 07913233344, email or via the contact form. 

Virtual Physio appointments via zoom sport exercise Bristol United Kingdom

How a Virtual Consultation via Zoom consultation works

1. We briefly discuss via email or telephone whether or not a Zoom consult is the right approach for you (or signpost you to other options if not).

2. If we agree that a Zoom consult is the best way forward, you will receive an email with a link and a password to access the Zoom meeting.

3. You will receive a Personal Details and Medical Questionnaire to fill in prior to the meeting. Please fill this in, sign electronically and return it prior to the meeting  (needed for consent to assess and treat you).

4. Five minutes before your Physio Zoom meeting, using the device of your choice, click on the Zoom link and follow the instructions for starting the session. Ideally you would use a tablet or PC for the session as the easier it is to see me and how I’m moving (e.g. showing you exercises), the higher the quality of the session. Join the Zoom meeting with computer audio and video.

All information is confidential and transferred and stored in a manner consistent with GDPR requirements and to protect your privacy.

What to wear

Wear exercise clothing. If the affected area is the lower back, hip, knee or ankle, shorts are helpful. If it is the upper body (and you are female), a vest would allow better viewing of the affected area. 


 Zoom consult is £45 for a 40 minute virtual consultation. 


This includes:

  • assessment, provisional diagnosis and treatment, often in the form of advice, recommendations and prescribed exercises

  • Follow up supplementary material e.g. exercise videos and instructions, medical correspondence.

Payment via BACS or cheque.


I’m covered by some insurers (e.g. AXA PPP, CIGNA, WPA, Healix) for telephone and Zoom consultations.  Check with your insurer prior to the appointment or contact me to discuss.