Testimonials - Nutrition and Strengthening for Menopause Events led by Claire Callaghan and Sue Baic

“I’ve been struggling with menopause for a while now and really needed help! Really wasn’t sure if I needed (or wanted) HRT or if tiredness, stress and head fog would pass and what, if anything, I could do about it. I now feel more confident and making small changes to help and when speaking with my Doctor about it. Thank you.” Sarah J

"I really valued the sessions and have already made some positive changes. I liked the fact that there were some practical, realistic suggestions. It has certainly made a positive impact and hope to see the benefit with my body and wellbeing! The trainers were evidently knowledgeable and complemented each other very well.” Rebecca C.


“A thoroughly informative and enjoyable morning spent with like minded women, learning a host of new things to take forward in dealing with my menopause. Both Claire and Sue were warm and friendly, while giving fantastic professional advice and information. I would thoroughly recommend this seminar for any woman - regardless of where she is in her Menopause journey... wish I’d had this info earlier in my life, I’d have been so much better informed and prepared for this natural stage of my life.” Karen A, Bristol

“The workshop was great with a good mixture of information and practical advice, delivered in a friendly and supportive environment. The combination of expert experienced dietitian and physiotherapist is an inspired idea bringing different disciplines together to great effect. I have made positive changes to my routines and diet as a direct result of the workshop and would highly recommend it. Thank you Claire and Sue.” Claire N, Bristol

Testimonials - Nutrition and Strength training for an Active Lifestyle Event. Led by Claire Callghan and Sue Baic

"It was fantastic to listen to the scienced and evidence regarding sports nutrition. It made me realise how exaggerated some of the popular health claims are. I found the stability exercises really useful to incorporate into my fitness regime. I loved having a chance to ask the experts their advice on health and wellbeing specifically targeted to my active lifestyle." Cathy, Bristol.


"Claire  provided information for a range of activity levels in a relaxed and informal way. The workshop was a good combination of science and practical advice to use immediately, whatever your level of fitness." Kirsty, Bristol.